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What is the SurveyEngine? (touch this label to activate accordion control)

The SurveyEngine is an open source commercial quality application that allows a developer to fully create a web-based survey campaign for the most complex type of surveys there could be.

It fully integrates with open standards and proven open source technologies to offer a state of the art tool for hardcoding surveys. The SurveyEngine is NOT a graphical tool for creating simple surveys with lack of logic, instead it is a set of libraries that provides an entire framework that allows creating any type of survey ranging from simple campaigns with few questions and simple logic to the most advanced survey campaigns requiring lots of conditional jumps, rotations, question ordering, conditional answers based on previous questions, etc.

Please refer to the features (see below) to verify all the intricasies of the SurveyEngine...

Features (touch this label to activate accordion control)
SurveyEngine 0.55 Features:
  • Full navigation logic (back and forth)
  • Retaining all data from previous questions, allows going back without losing data.
  • Question/phrases rotation algorithms.
  • Complex logic, conditional answers, which can be easily exploited by any PHP developer without having to focus on the intricasies of the survey. It would reduce the development time by up to 80%.
  • Inexperienced programmers can at least benefit from being able to develop fairly complex surveys with a simple to use library. Experienced developers can create any advanced type of survey as the engine is not limited in its design by any way; any logic that can be implemented in PHP can be easily integrated into the SurveyEngine.
  • Session-based implementation which allows full control over the data being captured.
  • Coded purely in open standards and open source technologies; mostly PHP and MySQL. This allows coding any algorithm required for survey campaign logic and does not limit the user to a proprietary badly documented survey development tool like CATI-based software or many of the commercial tools for survey/interview creation.
  • The engine can be used to create not only surveys but any type of web application that requires navigation, logic, data storage in a database or flatfile, data manipulation, statistical reports, or even hardcoded/hacked to fit your web form needs. This means it can be used for interviews, census, telemarketing scripts, librettos, books, exams, or form submission (though strictly for forms the OmniPHP™ Framework works much better).
  • Complex data types and validations (client-side and server side). The client side validations are performed by providing a custom designed wrapper for the open source Adobe Spry framework (JavaScript/AJAX framework). The SurveyEngine core extends Spry to integrate it as a PHP solution.
  • The SurveyEngine has database libraries that allow storing all data in either text-fixed format or literal SQL-based insertion. It works with both SQL Server and MySQL off the hat, the same principles can be coded to extend it to other database engines. The text-fixed format refers to creating a raw text file (ASCII or plain text file) with specific columns for each answer, this is the format that statistical software such as SPSS uses to process statistical reports and charts. The SurveyEngine allows creating surveys whose results can be exported to any format and used for statistical processing.
  • The extended SurveyEngine versions include full blown statistical reports which can include charts/graphics. Please ask for a quote on these services.
  • Since the SurveyEngine is web-based and developed on open technologies, it is very light and runs on any Windows (from Windows 2000 to Windows 2008 Server / Windows 7) or Linux (about any distro) Server. All you need is Apache, PHP, and MySQL, all open source and freely available.
  • Tried and proven, its origins come from enterprise call center campaigns of all types (telemarketing, statistical surveys, and web solutions). The SurveyEngine allows the enterprise to focus its development budget on inexpensive technical support and development rather than truly expensive licenses, training, expensive technical support and costly software. Having coded the SurveyEngine on open technologies allows us to provide reusable solutions at prices that other enteprises could not afford to offer.
  • Apache 2.x+
  • PHP 5.2+
  • MySQL 5+
  • Platform: Works on Windows and Linux.

Download the SurveyEngine from our SourceForge repository at the following link:
Download the SurveyEngine

For marketing and quotations on business solutions please refer to our parent consulting company
(Vexillum Consulting):

Some of the services and products provided:
  • Commercial technical support for our products and other open source products.
  • Custom web-development (ranging from simple pages to full blown portals and web applications).
  • Rich database driven applications.
  • Custom software development.
  • Cryptography / Encryption / Secure Development.
  • Database programming, management, optimization.
  • Data warehousing and automatization procedures.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Call center or telemarketing campaigns and software.
  • Off the hat full integration with telephony software like Interactive Intelligence.
  • Scientific development.

Please refer to the Vexillum Consulting site for more details.

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Para cotizaciones sobre nuestras soluciones comerciales favor visitar nuestra compañia matriz de consultoría
(Vexillum Consulting):

Algunos de los servicios y productos que se proveen:
  • Soporte tecnico comercial para nuestros productos u otros productos open source.
  • Desarrollo Web o de Software customizado.
  • Desarrollo, manejo, optimizacion, automatización, y 'data warehousing' para bases de datos.
  • Aplicaciones poderosas orientadas a uso de bases de datos.
  • Seguridad, encripción y criptografía.
  • Reportes estadísticos.
  • Campañas y software para centros de llamadas/telefonicos.
  • Integración inmediata con software de telefonía como Interactive Intelligence.
  • Desarrollo cientifico.

For any inquiries regarding the functionality of the SurveyEngine please refer your questions to the SourceForge forum for this project (HERE) or through my e-mail address:

The SurveyEngine is part of OmniPHP™. The OmniPHP™ project comprehends a lot of open source applications and libraries including the OmniPHP™ Framework which provides a mean to use PHP for enterprise or commercial quality applications. The OmniPHP™ project is also open source in nature and it is also being hosted by SourceForge.

You may see it here (at any of the links below):

Lead Developer of the SurveyEngine and the OmniPHP™ project:Carmelo Vargas
Nationality:Puerto Rico (US Citizen)
Languages:Services provided in English and Spanish.
Contact Information:
Phone: Please contact via e-mail to establish quotations on services we can provide you. If you are interested we'll forward you all our contact information.
Address: San Juan, Puerto Rico. Please contact via e-mail to provide you will full snail mail details.

Please refer to the 'Contact Us' tab for more information on quotations, our parent companies, and technical support .

Please refer to the contact us tab for details on our commercial solutions.
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Thank you for your interest in the SurveyEngine, you may see live demonstrations of the current version SurveyEngine 0.55 at:

The core engine as it comes from sourcecode with all implemented question types:
(The link redirects to our subsidiary company; Vexillum Consulting)
see live demo here.